How to apply

If you would like to apply for this course, please complete the following application form 

BDC Student Application Form 2016-17.docxand return to Bradford Dance Centre via email:

Applications are open throughout the year.

Independent Study Programme: contemporary dance, commercial dance or musical theatre

Dates:        Term 1: 19 Sept - 9 Dec 2016

                   Term 2: 9 Jan - 31 Mar 2017

                   Term 2: 2 May - 7 July 2017

Hours:      Minimum 6 hours per week to maximum 24 hours per week

Termly fees (based on a 10 week term):

                    6 hours per week: £360

                  12 hours per week: £720

                  18 hours per week: £1,080

                  24 hours per week: £1,440

Our independent study programme is a flexible, individually designed course for students of all abilities looking for high-quality practical training in dance or performing arts. Students may specialise in contemporary dance, commercial dance or musical theatre, or create their own unique timetable based on our professional programme.

Students may enrol for a minimum of one term up to three terms and can train from 6 hours per week up to 24 hours per week. The course can be renewed for up to three years.

This is a practical course, which aims to develop students  technique and performance skills.  Students will have the opportunity to share their learning and perform the work created at the end of each term. 

Dependant on the level of progression on the independent programme, students may transfer onto the professional programme, if they meet the required standard.

There are no formal entrance requirements. The course is suitable for students of all abilities. Candidates will be selected based on their commitment and desire to undertake the training, demonstrated on their completed application form.

​For further information about the course please see:  COURSE OUTLINE Independent study programme 2016-17.pdf

07801 655577